How can I bypass country-specific restrictions on Netflix?

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Do you ever get frustrated that Netflix doesn't have the show or movie you want to watch in your country? You're trying to binge that hot new Korean drama but it's only on Netflix Korea. Or dying to watch the latest Marvel movie months early from the American Netflix.

The streaming grass always seems greener on the other side.

Licensing deals restrict content availability by geographic region, so Netflix's catalog varies drastically across borders. But what if you could bypass those digital barriers and tap into the Netflix libraries of other countries? Well, with a VPN, you can - virtually transporting to anywhere Netflix is available.

Here's how it works:

VPNs Can Transport You Across Borders

A VPN (virtual private network) reroutes your internet connection through remote servers around the world. This hides your real location, assigning you a new IP address from whichever country your traffic is routed through.

So when you connect to a VPN server in Australia, Netflix will suddenly believe you're accessing it all the way from the Land Down Under. The beauty of VPNs is they encrypt your data, masking where you truly are.

Your internet traffic goes into the VPN tunnel in one country and emerges in another. VPNs let you geo-spoof your location, bypassing geographic restrictions to gain new access.

Unlocking Netflix Content

Accessing international Netflix libraries is like discovering hidden streaming treasure. You can binge shows and movies that aren't available in your home country. Or check out additional languages, subtitles, or releases not in your geographic market.

The American Netflix library dwarfs most other countries, so connecting to a US-based VPN opens up a world of new entertainment. Fans overseas get earlier access to the latest American TV seasons before local release. You can also view more niche genres and expanded catalogs beyond what your native Netflix provides.

But the streaming jackpot can be found both ways. Due to production and licensing deals, some great foreign films and shows may only be on Netflix in certain countries. So Americans connecting to Canadian or British VPNs can unlock reserves of internationally acclaimed content.

Outsmarting Geographic Blocks

In some restrictive countries, parts of Netflix may be partially or entirely blocked. Governments enforce bans, ISP throttling interferes, or Netflix simply isn't available locally.

VPNs provide a path around digital roadblocks, letting you bypass blocks, bans, throttling, and unavailability. Once connected to a VPN, Netflix believes you're actually in an open access country. This grants full entry no matter how locked down your actual location is.

Changing Your Netflix Country in Three Simple Steps

Ready to unlock a whole new world of Netflix? Here's how to change locations:

  1. Research which international Netflix libraries have the shows/movies you want or provide added benefits. Content varies radically across borders.

  2. Select a premium VPN that reliably works with streaming access and serves the countries you want. Budget VPNs often don't work.

  3. Connect to a VPN server in your desired country, launch Netflix, and enjoy! Just be sure to clear cookies and try multiple servers as needed.

Pro Tip: One VPN account can often support multiple device connections. So while you explore the Brazilian Netflix on your phone, your partner could be delving into the Japanese library on their laptop!

Unlock Netflix's International Catalog

Why remain trapped in the limited Netflix bubble of your home country when a whole world of new content awaits? A VPN lets you take control and customize your ideal Netflix experience.

So don't settle. Find the shows you crave, watch releases earlier, and explore new international offerings. A premium VPN can transport you there, delivering the personalized cross-border Netflix paradise you deserve. The global streaming treasure is waiting...and accessible with just a click.

Which VPN?

These are some of the finest logless VPN services available in the US, with their respective advantages and disadvantages:


NordVPN checks all the boxes and more for unlocking your personalized streaming utopia. NordVPN operates over 5,300 servers in 60+ countries, handing you a golden digital passport to access restricted content anywhere on the planet.

Their proprietary NordLynx protocol unlocks wicked fast speeds, allowing smooth 4K streaming with no annoying buffering or lag. Robust 256-bit AES encryption secures your connection along with an automatic kill switch, keeping you protected if the VPN drops.

And NordVPN's staunch no-logs policy means your privacy is airtight. They don't record any activity or connection logs, period. You get worldwide access, bulletproof security, and total peace of mind.

So if you're tired of being geo-blocked from the Netflix content you crave, NordVPN is your trustworthy solution. Their high-speed worldwide servers will have you streaming your favorite shows in minutes, no matter where on the map they originate.

Ditch Netflix FOMO and unlock the world. NordVPN is the virtual transport to get you there.


Surfshark is a newcomer may not have servers on every corner like some of the old-guard VPNs. But Surfshark boasts over 1,000 secure servers in 65+ countries - more than enough to satisfy your streaming wanderlust.

Their next-gen WireGuard protocol delivers blazing speeds perfect for lag-free Netflix viewing in 4K. watertight 256-bit AES encryption keeps your connection secure, along with a hardy kill switch that kicks in if the VPN drops. Surfshark even offers multi-hop connections across multiple countries for double the anonymity.

And you can rest assured your privacy is prioritized. Surfshark maintains a strict no-logs policy on all user activity and connections. No timestamps, IP addresses, or browsing history recorded ever.

As a bonus, this feisty upstart comes with a price tag that can't be beat. One Surfshark subscription covers unlimited devices for the entire family or friend group. Share the love and the savings.


AtlasVPN may have arrived on the virtual private network scene just in 2019, but they've been hard at work constructing an global digital pathway to give your streaming freedom wings.

Atlas VPN operates a network of 750+ high-speed servers spanning 37 countries (and counting). Wherever you want your Netflix account to virtually visit, Atlas has you covered.

Their Next Gen Lightway protocol offers ultra fast and stable connections for buffer-free 4K streaming. 256-bit AES encryption keeps your real location hidden and secured. And Atlas VPN maintains a strict no-logs policy on all user data and activity - your privacy is guaranteed.

As one of the most affordable VPN options out there, Atlas VPN delivers remarkable bang for your buck. One subscription provides unlimited simultaneous connections across all your devices. Now the whole family or friend group can join in on the geo-hopping streaming fun!

Tired of hitting the Netflix border wall? Atlas VPN hands you the digital transport to access the shows and movies you crave. Now it's time to sit back, fire up that buttery popcorn, and enjoy the expanding world of streaming from anywhere on the map. Your virtual passport to anywhere awaits!

Summing it up

Ultimately, the ideal logless VPN service for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Take into account aspects such as network size, security features provided, cost, and user-friendliness when making your decision.

Here are my assessments in each area based on my security expertise in industry and usage of most of these products before:

  • Cheapest: AtlasVPN wins because you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee trial and pay less than $2 each month (as of the time of writing this article) with a 2-year commitment if you use the coupon BIGDEAL. Sign up for Atlas VPN here.
  • Most locations: Surfshark wins this category with over 100 countries to connect through and a 2-year commitment still only costing $2.30 each month. Claim that 2-year deal here or do more homework about their offerings here. a strong offering across many locations and a competitive offer with a 3-year commitment at $2.03 each month.